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Auto-Destructive Art

Art that can re-enact our obsession with 

destruction - the plummeting - the pleasure. 

Aquire : Materials and techniques used in destruction

Acid, Adhesives, Ballistics, Canvas, Clay, Combustion, Compression, Concrete, Corrosion, Cybernetics, Drops, Elasticity, Electricity, Electrolysis, Electronics, Explosives, Feedback, Fire, Fireworks, Glass, Hammer, Heat, Human Energy, Ice, Jets, Jet Fuel, Light, Load, Mass, Mass Production, Metal, Motion, Natural Forces, Nuclear Energy, Paint, Paper, Pen, Photography, Plaster, Plastics, Pressure, Puppets, Radiation, Sand, Sex, Solar, Sound, Stream, Stress, Terracotta, Vibration, Water, Welding, Wire, Whip Cream, Wood.


- Inspired From Gustav Metzger 

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