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10 Artists

Creating as a CO-OP

For 5 Weeks

February 16th - March 16th 


MASS Is the result of a daily creative practice with friends


An object's mass determines the strength of its gravitational attraction to other bodies.


This project is about manifesting more mass. 

The First Mass Took Place


Alyx Melone (Hamilton, ON)
Kunji Ikeda (Calgary, AB)
Kevin Jesuino (Calgary, AB)
Danielle Wensley (Vancouver, BC)
Kristy Benz (Calgary, AB)
Geoff Simon Brown (Edmonton, AB)
Evan Medd (Calgary, AB)
Jay Northcott (Toronto, ON)
Keith Rodger (Calgary, AB)
Elaine Weryshko (Calgary, AB)


The Struggle Is Real For Everyone

There is true magic to be found in transforming ourselves through multi-dimensional practices.

The space of change and the unknown is never comfortable - The Liminal is never going to become more comfortable, but practicing the belief that you can get through it is an essential and constant practice :: We each have tools and exercises to share that help us get through the liminal and practice belief

There Is Power In The Collective : We have spent too much time this year being on islands. We are out of practice with this!

The ability to laugh at yourself and be true to the way other people laugh at you is essential to sharing open space. Only then, can we are all be in on the healing joke of joy. Creativity can only exist beside positivity, the ridiculous and faith.

Your 'self' is the best research you have. Wander through this world with constant curiosity of yourself.

Everyone needs a lil bit of Sweet Keith #4 !!

Product is not a quality for 'good art' :: Good art comes out of constant creativity and practice. Product is not healthy goal for healthy artist lifestyle and should not be the leading cause for you to be creative and in the community (AKA saying goodbye to Ego and Burnout)

Creativity is not a defined way. Creativity can also be found in growing vegetables, giving birth, folding laundry, going to the top of a hill or making a lemon pie.

We need each other as Friends - not as art peers, colleagues or as art presenters. We need Friends!

It's all a cosmic joke : get over yourself.

Trust yourself and choose to Believe in Magic.

Get jiggy with yourself - move your body, get ridiculous. DANCE!!!!

Sharing your raw impulses is scary and but feels soooo good when we know it's seen and received - and at times, like something we used to do better....

Stop the voice that tell you 'this is silly and dumb" - move into the self research that is trying to convince you to stop and take everything seriously :: it is possible to have fun doing something you don't like. When you hate something, that is the TRUE research.

We are all over thinking from the head - let your body and your senses be the thinker. Stop the cerebral!

Finding pleasure can be a tricky skill in being true to your authentic self. This can change day to day, week to week.

There is wisdom in the monster. Honour your dark shadow side and see them - they give you something.

Oh how quickly things can change by letting go.

The Clown always believes that tomorrow is a new opportunity - there is no such thing as failure :: just quirkiness and feedback

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