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Conceived and Choreographed by: Elaine Weryshko
Design: Rebecca Reid

Performers : Elaine Weryshko, Rebecca Reid, Jeannie Vandekerhove, Kristine Nutting, Daniella Masellis

Three times a year, the Art Gallery of Alberta hosts the Refinery, an ongoing series of late-night art parties themed around current AGA exhibitions featuring projects by artists, designers and performers from the local arts community. Refinery aims to provide audiences with access to art in its many diverse forms, media and manifestations.

Inspired by Fritz Lang’s classic 1927 science fiction film Metropolis and the "Living Building Thinking: Art and Expressionism" exhibition, Metal is the AGA’s next installment of the popular Refinery art party. The style of German


Expressionism fuses with 1980s German heavy metal music and metal-inspired visuals to create a dark new world that pays homage to all things METAL and the Expressionist movement. Break out your best metal-inspired fashion, and head to your AGA for the most outstanding party of the year.


Do you like the blood of virgins?
Does the austere throne call for your demanding rule?
Will you enslave with the chains of bondage and sacrifice?
Are you good enough to shred for your Overlord?


Gore! Gore! Gore! will pulse neon in your heart.

Tonight you may find virgin blood on your hands.
The Shadows creep across the ceiling.
The Eagles of Death casts these witchy illusions.
All your fears and desires will be revealed tonight.
If you're luck you may find yourself in the talons of her touch.
But will you be bold enough to handle it?


Who will you meet tonight?
The Mensch Queen, the Earthworm Serpent, the Tongue of Desire, the Deadly Spikes, the Tarantula's Nest...
the Eagle of Death herself?
Pick your poison.

Engulf in the ecstasy of dance and honey.
Tread into the Tarantula's nest of desire.
Drink from the chalice of venom.
Weave through the needlepoint spines.
Bow down to what's good for you.


Welcome to...

REBIRTH: A Heavy Metal Goring

Highly inspired by the stark black and white contrasts and rejection of realism in the German Expressionist films, this piece honours the things we cannot unsee, unhear or undo. Things that have opened our eyes and made clear the many hues of gray existing in the honesty of our human selves, beyond the false imaginary world of black and white.


Photos: Mike Tan

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