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A place of unlearning

To practice the re-wilding of creativity

Rechild our hearts

To remember FlowState

Cultivating an ability, (or at least willingness), to ‘be anyone’ and ‘experience anything’. In a world of failing systems perhaps only the way of the weird will be the thing to lead us to shared sense and humanity.

Through identity hacking, psychodrama, flowstate practices, somatic rewilding and unrelenting pursuit of aliveness, we circuit-break out of the mundane, into the ever-present aesthetic realm, where feeling, knowing and wild creativity birth into the future.

Hunt down your excuses and stand in the stark light of awareness holding the SEVERED HEAD of your limitations


At its core this practice is simply:



// connection and ritual opening

/// movement awakenings and games in mask, dance or clown

//// A 35min 5Rhymthms playlist that I will create with all styles of music AND bringing in an addition of charcoal drawings and masks to wear while exploring the body

One must come with open enthusiasm (and shoes! Please bring movement shoes!!)

LAST 2 IN 2023

Wednesday November 29th

Thursday November 30th

@ The Old Trouts

7pm - 9pm

* breath in the light we need to flow into this time of dark

rsvp to meeeeee!!!!

//::\\ From the lineage of working with Zuma Puma in ClownLife in what I have learnt and witnessed

FLOW/PLAY/DANCE is inspired by flowstate, biomimicry, game theory, punk attitude, and maker culture. To create a sharable, drop in practice that is to play beyond the social constraints of the everyday normal. This is the power of creative, self generative, the weird genius!

Society is evolving and we practice provocative, proactive evolutions to keep up through a martial arts approach to the creative arts.

This is a moment for embodiment, creativity and questioning.

This is the craft of experimenting and jumpstarting creative force

> Not performing <

Approaching each interaction in a state of deep play. Opening to meet the moment, we dissolve story so that we can shape shift into the role that Life is calling us into.

To achieve these aspirations I am trying to create an arena for authentic human interactions: sensory playgrounds, immersive, cross-reality, games and social experiments that cultivate sentience in each of us

To play simply takes honesty and brave acceptance.

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