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In The Dust : The OKO


 September 2020


Jennifer LeBlanc 
Kevin Jesuino 
Rebecca Reid

Kunji Mark Ikeda 
Jenna Turk
Kaleigh Richards
Mike Rolfe 
Vanessa Jette 
Keith Rodger
Evan Medd 
Kara Bullock 
Savanna Harvey 
Laura White 
Katherine Maedel 
Andre Rodrigues 
AJ Musters 

Facilitated By | Elaine Weryshko


" The battle against dust and dirt is never won


To think in only two colours, black and white is….

At first, it is all black and white, plain and simple


But what happens if all colours are thrown into the mix, you say that these cannot be colours? They don’t exist?"

Photos: Caitlind Brown

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