Elaine Weryshko is a physical theatre artist and practitioner of live performance space from Calgary/Mohkínstsis, Canada. Her medium is a poetic body for a Post-Brtiney world, she creates for it in a practice based out of extensive training in Lecoq physical theatre and other various contemporary dance/movement devising methods. She writes, performs, produces, designs and kamikaze’s live events in alternative spaces all over Alberta. Typical projects are inspired for choruses and large gatherings, casting between 6 to 32 people, searching for group catharsis on and off the stage.

She is interested to create work that in unimaginable and unreproducible. Inspired through a visceral live honesty to keep pushing the collision of genres between a spectacle and the intimate, personal and political, viewer and participant.


Ultimately, as an artist, she wants audiences to be provoked and forced to examine their role in the presentation. They must determine their place as supporters, mockers posers or subjects. Her work combines text, music and choreography to build scenes that set up ideas, images and relationships – and then destroy them.

Elaine is the co-creator of, to the AWE, a reoccurring risk-based performance series in Calgary, creator and coordinator of The WunderBriefs series at the Animated Objects Festival and the Educational Coordinator at the Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry. In the past she has worked with or presented at: The Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry, Alberta Gallery of Art, Mile Zero Dance, Sage Theatre, Springboard Performance, Alberta Gallery of Art, Swallow A Bicycle, Theatre Junction, the Pacitti Company (UK), The Invisible Dog (NYC), and mentored with immersive theatre giant PunchDrunk in their London production A Drowned Man. She has trained around the world at: The London International School of Performing Arts, Dell’ Arte International School of Physical Theatre, The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance and with the SITI Company NYC Summer Viewpoints Intensive.

Post-Britney : adjective

When the facade is falling apart, mirrors cracked, tiarra trashed, we scream at the sky, shave our head, truth oozes everywhere and none of us can go back to the way it was. That's Post-Britney, Bitch!

Photos: Melanie Gauer