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DOT is the story of an ever-evolving spec through the molecular to the galactic.

A surrealist and wordless-tale that inhabits all levels of micro and mega objects, throughout 2D and 3D worlds - told with manipulated liquids, holes, geometric shapes, reflections, shadow, sticks, bags and wind. It is an experience that encapsulates the vast shades within our shared humanity, from our delightfulness to cantankerousness viewed from the distance of the stars.

Everything and Anything is either only an Explosion or a Collapse Yet everything at large remains unchangeable And yet still completely unpredictable.

Ensemble - Kit Benz, Evan Medd, Michael Rolfe

Maker / Creator - Elaine Weryshko

Stage Manager - AJ Musters

Sound - Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne

Lighting Design - AJ Musters

Consultant - Nikki Emerson

Delightfully Funded by Alberta Foundation for the Arts & Canada Council for the Arts

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