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Created & Made by Elaine Weryshko

Dot Trailer

DOT is the story of an ever-evolving spec through the molecular to the galactic.


A surrealist and wordless puppet tale that inhabits all levels of micro and mega objects, throughout 2D and 3D worlds. It is told with manipulated liquids, dyes, tubes, geometric shapes, vegetables, shadow&light, sticks and bags. It is an experience that encapsulates the vast shades in our humanity, from the delightfulness, to the cantankerousness, the terror and sublime

All viewed from the distance of the stars.

This performance is accompanied by a live-performed sound scape

Ensemble - Kit Benz, Evan Medd, Michael Rolfe​

Maker / Creator - Elaine Weryshko​

Stage Manager - AJ Musters​

Sound - Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne​

Lighting Design - AJ Musters​

Consultant - Nikki Emerson

Commissioned as part of the Incubator series with the

Festival of Animated Objects


This show was developed in two stages as part of the

Incubation series with the Festival of Animated Objects, also with the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Canada Council for the Arts. 

World Premiere March 2023 at the

Festival of Animated Objects

Presentation History

2023 - Expanse Festival, Edmonton

2023 - Festival of Animated Objects, Calgary

2022 - Festival of Animated Objects (workshop), Calgary


> Being Worked On <


Elaine Weryshko


20230312 DOT 2023 - 2 SBG 0053.jpeg

Michale Rolfe


20230312 DOT 2023 - 2 SBG 0060 (1).jpeg

Kit Benz


Kit Benz is a clown, puppeteer, and physical theatre artist based in Moh'kins'tsis on Treaty 7 Territory. They are a graduate of the drama program at Bishop’s University as well as the Professional Training Program at Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. Kit spent several glorious summers training in Pochinko clown at the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance. Past work includes The Mousetrap (Theatre Calgary), The Jungle Book; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (ATP), Yabber: A Musical Junk Tale (Mudfoot Theatre), Iniskim: Return of the Buffalo (Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry), and All I Want for Christmas (Lunchbox Theatre).

20230312 DOT 2023 - 2 SBG 0057.jpeg

Evan Medd



Ryan Bourne & Rebecca Reid 



AJ Musters

Lighting Design & Stage Management

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